Wuxi city Hongxing Chemical Industry Factory

Professional supplier of organic alkoxy phosphate series products

Mainly produce 8 specifications of three varieties of triisobutyl phosphate, tributyl phosphate and triethyl phosphate


Tri-isobutyl phosphate

Product description

Product name: Tri-isobutyl phosphate

English name: PHOSPHORIC ACID TRIISOBUTYL ESTER; isobutylphosphate; Phosphoricacid,tris(2-methylpropyl)ester; Triisobutyl phosphate; TIBP; TRIS-ISOBUTYLPHOSPHATE; Triisobutylphosphat; Isobutyl phosphate; tri isobutyl phosphate

Molecular formula: C12H27O4P

Structural formula: 

Relative molecular quality:: 266.32

CAS No.: 126-71-6

EINECS No.: 204-798-3

RETCS No.: TC9300000

HS code: 291990000.90

Physicochemical property

It is colorless transparent liquid; melting point: <-60℃; boiling point: 264℃; relative density: 0.9646(25/4℃); dynamic viscosity: 5mPa·s(20℃); refractive index: 1.4190; octanol/water partition coefficients: 3.7; hardly soluble in water; blended soluble in organic solvent, for example, alcohol and ether; flashing point: 132.5℃; autoignition temperature: 428℃; decomposition temperature: 272℃



Should be preserved in seal container in cool and ventilated warehouse without drain-pipe and sewer;
Storage temperature should be no higher than 70℃;
Separate from food and drink;
Keep it away from fire and heat source, oxidizing agent, acids and alkaline;

Stability: stable under normal pressure and temperature


Main urses

As solvent, anti foaming agent, penetrant and plasticizer in manufacturing of anti-foaming agent, hydraulic oil, printing and dyeing auxiliary, printing ink, textile auxiliary, synthetic resin and cellulose base plastic; also applied in construction and oil field

Adding in food and feed additive is strictly forbidden.


Quality parameter

Executive standard: Q/320205GKAM02-2014



APHA    ≤


refractive index n20D


acid value, mgKOH/g  ≤


moisture (H2O), w%  ≤




content[(C4H9O)3PO], w%   ≥



15kg plastic drum, 200kg iron drun, IBC, ISO-TANK

Wuxi city Hongxing Chemical Industry Factory
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